Are you a work-at-home mom of young kids looking around and wondering how other moms just seem to have it all together?

The truth is, most of us are doing the same!  We’re all looking for ways to balance our home lives and work lives, get our kids to eat better, and still manage the time to take care of ourselves.

Welcome to my blog, Thirty-Something Angie.  I started this blog to share my ideas and connect with other moms dealing with the same issues I do.  We’ve all heard the saying that your thirties are the best age, and while that’s entirely true, those of us working at home with young kids know that this phase also comes with its own unique challenges.  You can expect to see some of the following here on the blog:

  • Healthy meals for the family (yes, kids too!)
  • How to make money at home
  • DIY and craft ideas
  • How to balance self-care and family care
  • Organization ideas and tips for your home, life, and business.


Meet Angie

I’m a thirty-something “adult” dealing with the daily grind of parenthood.  I’m a work-at-home mom of two kids- ages 7 and 2.  I run an online business selling newborn photography props and knit newborn patterns, and I really love good food, yoga, and reading.

Organization is a huge priority for me, while trying to keep every facet of my life balanced, which has made me a bit of a planner junkie.  I now keep two planners, a bullet journal, and always have at least one notebook with me!

I’ve been an avid writer since the fourth grade, when my English teacher read my work and couldn’t stop gushing.  Looking back, I’m sure she was just being encouraging, but back then, it made all the difference.  I started writing in journals regularly, and as soon as I was old enough, joined my school’s newspaper and yearbook staff.

Since leaving school, I have written on two hobby blogs, and spent some time working as a freelance writer.  Job boards are incredibly competitive and low-paying, though, so I got discouraged and stopped applying.

I was still working hard, though!  While staying at home with my first baby, I discovered a new talent in knitting and crocheting.  I opened an Etsy shop and started selling both online and locally.  Doing this, I’ve been able to help support our family for over six years! However, the time has come to re-focus on my writing.  Every day, I find myself at home with a toddler, with so much I want to say (and we all know how much toddlers listen).  So, Thirty-Something Angie was born!  I can’t wait to share all my loves with you here!

Since starting my blog, I have found a new love for creating organizing printables.  I truly enjoy it!  I love sharing, too, so I’ve added a lot of them, including my Small Business Organization Starter Pack into my printable library as a FREE download.  Want your own copy? Be sure to sign up by clicking the box below!